Life is all about Energy.
And so are Climate Extremes.

A daily dose of solar energy has been the same for millennia. How is it, that it started to cause problems only recently? The last decades of scientific research suggest that the role of landscape in climate is by far more important than ever thought of.


Science drives Technology to Restore Earth.

Welcome to the Future.

Based on the New Water Paradigm principles we bring forward a new level of integration between scientific research and today's top technology. Artificial intelligence processes data and a supervising multidisciplinary expert team ensure the underlying principles are respected to unlock the potential of customized solutions.


Regenerative Landscape management Is absolutely Vital for our survival.

We democratize applied science behind decades of research and scale up the technology to provide the most suitable solutions. Our strong belief is that everybody and anywhere in the world should have a possibility to regenerate the piece of land and microclimate they can influence.


Why do we marry
technology and nature?

We received ‘AI for Earth’ grant
by Microsoft

Watch the movie ‘When rain is over’ by Tina-Marie Qwiberg

Collect and interpret data
to steer strategic

Act locally
and measure impact